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আমরা সমগ্র বাংলাদেশে সকল ধরনের ক্লিনিং সার্ভিস দিয়ে থাকি
We Provide All Home, Office, Industry Deep Cleaning Services
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We provide all types of cleaning services all over Bangladesh with 12 years of experience.

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Max office cleaning services Company in Bangladesh
Max Cleaning Company in Bangladesh

Our Max Cleaning services company has provided cleaning services for over 12 years. Our company has been successfully providing Cleaning, Pest Control, and Manpower services in Bangladesh with the utmost dedication to total customer satisfaction through our work. We devote ourselves to providing 100% customer satisfaction by fulfilling our professional duties with dedication. We always guarantee quality cleaning, pest control and manpower services. Max Cleaning Services (Max Enterprise) owner Dulal Uddin Ahamed diligently arranges for in-depth training of the staff, so the service staff is always committed to providing the best service.

আমাদের সার্ভিস এরিয়া সমূহ

আমরা বাংলাদেশের যে কোন স্থানে আমাদের ক্লিনিং, পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল, ম্যানপাওয়ার সার্ভিস অত্যন্ত দক্ষ টিমের মাধ্যমে দিয়ে থাকি।



Deep Cleaning Services

Max Cleaner Manpower Supplier

Regular Cleaner Supply


Office Cleaning Services

Best Floor Deep Cleaning Services

Floor & Tiles Cleaning Services

Bathroom Cleaning Services

max cleaning services company in dhaka

Commercial Cleaning Services

bank,ngo,hospital and clinics cleaning service

Bank, Ngo, Hospitals Cleaning

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

max residential cleaning service company in Bangladesh

Residential Cleaning

max cleaning company in bd

Garments Cleaning Service

Epz cleaning services at Dhaka

Industerial Cleaning Service


Kitchen Cleaning Service

MAX Cleaning Dhaka

Glass Cleaning Services


Steam cleaning Services

after-party cleaning

Event Cleaning Services

What Our Clients Are Saying

Md Omur FarukMd Omur Faruk
10:02 29 Jan 24
I am satisfied with the regular deep Cleaning service for my Factory from Max Enterprise.
Good Office cleaning service company . I was impressed with the efficiency of their cleaning team.
Mosarof HossainMosarof Hossain
13:48 24 Jan 24
One of the best office cleaning service in Bangladesh
13:05 20 Jan 24
Took deep cleaning service from Max Cleaning for my super shop and got good results
Jahan HousingJahan Housing
12:25 12 Jan 24
Good Cleaning Company. I have taken deep cleaning service from max enterprise for my apartment. I am impressed by their work.
ashraf khanashraf khan
17:18 11 Jan 24
Office Cleaning Service Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness.❤️
Mst Irin Afroz KabitaMst Irin Afroz Kabita
05:11 09 Jan 24
Max Cleaning Services company impressed me with its quality kitchen cleaning services. I would like to take the services of this company regularly.
Shoag HossainShoag Hossain
10:46 07 Jan 24
Good cleaning company.I am satisfied with there service.Thanks Max Enterprise.
Sadiya JasminSadiya Jasmin
09:56 06 Jan 24
Good deep cleaning service.satisfied with the service from Max cleaning company for my shopping store
Md Milon KhanMd Milon Khan
13:24 30 Dec 23
I am satisfied with the carpet deep cleaning service for my office.Thanks Max Enterprise Team.
Md.Ibrahim JamilMd.Ibrahim Jamil
10:38 21 Dec 23
Max Enterprise good manpower service company in dhaka. I am satisfied with max enterprise office boy services.
Nahid NipunNahid Nipun
07:58 20 Dec 23
Good cleaning service company in uttara,I have taken sofa clean service from them,i am satisfied there service.Thanks Max Enterprise.
Najim UddinNajim Uddin
15:11 18 Dec 23
I am satisfied with the floor deep cleaning service for my office from Max enterprise
Md Rashed babuMd Rashed babu
07:21 18 Dec 23
Good Quality glass cleaning Service, I am satisfied.
Mdabid AbidMdabid Abid
14:18 17 Dec 23
I have taken glass cleaning services from Max enterprise for my apartment amd i am 95% satisfied with their service. Please next time will send your cleaning team to my apartment on time.
I Have picked up on Deep cleaning service for my factory from max enterprise and i am satisfied with Their Service. Those who want to take cleaning services for factories in Savar, they can Take it from max enterprise.
Abdul KaderAbdul Kader
12:19 11 Dec 23
Best Cleaning Company in Dhaka City. I am satisfied with the regular office Cleaning service from Max Enterprise.
Mohammad SojibMohammad Sojib
09:10 28 Nov 23
I have been taking regular cleaning services from Max Cleaning since last 4 months. I am satisfied with their work.
Jahangir AlamJahangir Alam
16:58 23 Nov 23
Max Enterprise is very good cleaning company.I have take my house kitchen and floor deep cleaning service from them,I am very satisfied with their cleaning service.Thanks to Max Enterprise especially the cleaner team.
05:07 23 Nov 23
Max Enterprises deep cleaning service is very good. I have taken deep cleaning service of my apartment from Max Cleaning Company. Thanks to the management of Max Enterprises.

Videos of our cleaners at worked

Our license and membership certificate

Trade License
Fire Safety License
Dhaka Chamber Of Commerce Certificate
License for Pest Control Operation on Commercial Basis

What we offer cleaning services in bangladesh

Our professional Max Cleaning services company sincerely and dedicatedly provides cleaning services to hospitals, offices, banks, NGOs, garments, and restaurants in different places in Bangladesh. We have always called ourselves the cleaning experts. We know that low-cost, efficient, and reliable local cleaning services are critical to the success of businesses and residents. We provide eco-friendly cleaning services to ensure our customers meet needs and standards. 


Our Max cleaning services company regularly cleans your offices, hospitals, garments, and restaurants as per your needs. Our company’s regular cleaning services are reliable, clean and high quality.


Working in a healthy and clean environment creates a different feeling. If your workplace is not clean, you will lose focus at work. Our team of professional cleaners wants to keep your office clean and germ-free so you can focus on your work and what’s important.

Our team regularly cleans your office floor, desk, washroom, stairs, chair and table, sofa, kitchen room, office canteen, office guest room, etc. We create a customized cleaning plan that fits your budget, and our work ensures you are satisfied.


Our company prioritizes infection control, aiming to reduce the threat of healthcare-associated infections. Whether drawing medical services, dental conventions, or inpatient centers, Our company always excels in cleanliness. Rely on Max Cleaning Services company for reliable and comprehensive government private medical office cleaning solutions.

All the services that our company provides in hospital regular cleaning

  • Dr. chamber cleaning
  • Hospital floor deep cleaning
  • Patient cabin cleaning
  • Tables, chair cleaning
  • Canteen cleaning
  • washroom cleaning
  • Bathroom deep cleaning
  • Parking area cleaning
  • Lift cleaning
  • Storage Cleaning


Banks must be kept sterile to protect customers and work in a sterile environment. We cleans the bank with special attention and creates a sterile working environment for the officers and employees. Our specialist team always targets hotspots in financial institutions to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

Our bank’s regular cleaning services are officers’ desks, computer desks, launch rooms, tables, chairs, sofas, washrooms and bathrooms, floors cleaning, etc. Working in a clean environment creates a favorable working environment. You can rely on Max Cleaning Services to improve the workplace by working in a healthy environment.


Looking for a cleaning service company for your NGO cleaning services? we are committed to providing all types of safe cleaning services. If your building is not clean and well maintained, employees will lose interest in work. Besides, if the financial institutions are not clean, they will lose customers.

We ensures that your NGO office building’s floors, tables, kitchens, canteens, washrooms, floors, computer desks etc. are guaranteed to be cleaned to create a working environment for the employees. As a result, the workplace becomes lively and smooth. Our company is always dedicated to cleaning your workplace at low cost.


There is no alternative to a restaurant to sit together with friends to eat, talk, and chat. So people go to restaurants where they feel comfortable and clean. Hence keeping your restaurant clean is very important.

Max Cleaning Services company provides cleaning services in restaurants all over Bangladesh. An untidy restaurant can drive away customers and affect the reputation of your business. Our expert service team will thoroughly regularly clean every area of ​​your restaurant, from the floor to the tables, chairs, kitchen, washrooms, and more.


Commercial cleaning services are very important for various organizations. Commercial cleaning services will help keep every area of your establishment duly maintained. Commercial cleaning services will help your association maintain a healthy terrain for its workers.

Commercial cleaning services include glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, tile, grout, all furniture, etc. Our Max Cleaning Services company staff are highly skilled and experienced. We have the necessary equipment and chemical to provide commercial cleaning services.


Keeping the industry clean is very important. Our experienced service staff will clean the entire industry in Bangladesh and keep the industry safe from any unhealthy environment. A clean industrial environment will maintain a safe working environment for your employees. 

We offer various industrial cleaning services, such as cleaning all substances from industrial floors, walls, warehouses, storage spaces, factories, power plants, and air ducts. Our experts will ensure your workers work happily in a healthy, origin-free terrain.


Our Max cleaning company is always best in providing cleaning services. We clean the floors of your home, factories, offices, restaurants, Bank, hospitals, and other places with great care. Our experienced and skilled cleaning team is highly qualified to handle your needs. We can guarantee and promise our customers will be 100% satisfied with our work.


Sofa plays one of the most important roles in living room beauty. If this sofa is not neat and clean then the beauty of the living room is lost. Max cleaning company will thoroughly clean your living room leather and fabric sofas. Our cleaning team have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet customer needs. We always offer the lowest prices for sofa cleaning services in Dhaka.


Different types of glass are used in offices and homes, such as window glass, architectural glass, furniture glass, and lighted glass, and all these glass have different processes for cleaning. All these glasses have chemicals and advanced equipment to remove tough stains. So if you want to get glass cleaned with professional cleaning services then max cleaning services company is always there to help you.

We import high-quality chemicals and machinery from abroad to remove tough stains. Your glass will be sparkling like new when the cleaning is done. So no need to worry about dirty glass because we are here to provide you with the best cleaning services.


Food is first among our basic needs. It means that people can’t live without food, and the kitchen is where this food is cooked. Cooking several times a day regularly makes it difficult to keep your kitchen free of grease, spices, and curry smells. You can rely entirely on our Max Cleaning Services company to regularly keep your kitchen germ-free.

What do we include in kitchen cleaning?

  • Cleaning of kitchen tiles, floors, door ventilators, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Removes oil and stains.
  • Cleaning the gas burner chimney hood.
  • Cleaning all chrome kitchen accessories.
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances like refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc.
  • Washing, wiping, and sanitizing floors and tiles

We provide the clean best according to your needs so that you can trust us and feel your need again.


Are you looking for professional cleaning services to clean your washroom? Put your full trust in our max cleaning services company. Our professional cleaners will clean and disinfect your washroom. We provide washroom cleaners in various locations in Bangladesh. 

Our professional team cleans your washroom basin, bathtub, washroom floor, walls, commode, and other washroom areas very seriously. We use specific washroom cleaning chemicals that do not harm your washroom in the slightest. Our cleaning team works hard and strives to meet your expectations.

Max cockroach Pest control Services in Bangladesh


MAX Rodent Pest Control Services in Dhaka


max bedbug pest control services in dhaka


ant max pest control service in bd


termite max pest control services company


Mosquito Control Service for Garments in Dhaka


max Spider Control services in Bangladesh


Wood borer max pest Control services in bangladesh



What we offer Pest Control Services in Bangladesh

There are numerous types of insects in this world. Some of these insects are very harmful. Just as cockroaches poison our surroundings, rats spoil food.  All these pests disturb our sleep and are a threat to our health. 

Our Max pest control company will take the necessary precautions to control pests in your home. If you are looking for the best pest control services in Bangladesh then you can trust me completely. Our pest service team will control all the poisonous pests in your home and bring peace of mind to your family members.

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches are such creatures, they can survive in almost any conditions. Because of this, when the number of cockroaches increases, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them.

Cockroaches contaminate food with pathogens and can spread a variety of serious diseases. Due to the cockroaches, the family members suffer extreme turmoil.  Are you and your family troubled by cockroaches? Then you can rely on Max Cleaning Services Company for the best cockroach control services in Bangladesh. We will make your home cockroach-free and protect your family from germs.

Bed Bug Control Service

Most of the families in Bangladesh face the problem of Bedbugs. Ineffective Bed Bug control services are causing widespread Bed bug infestations. You can trust our Max pest control company for Bedbug infestation control.

Our Bed Bug control service team aims to eliminate Bed Bug infestations first. Bedbugs are bitsy insects that feed on mortal blood. These animals are not seen during the day, their nuisance increases at night. Getting rid of bed bugs is a very difficult task. Our team of experts will give you the utmost confidence in Bed Bug control.

Rodent Control Service

Rat control in your home Our rat control service team will make your home rat-free using the best preventive measures. Our team is trained in rat control. So they know how to protect your home from rodent infestation.

Our max cleaning services company provides rat control services all over Bangladesh. Using modern technology and in-depth research, we provide rat control services for your home. Our goal is to make you happy, so our rat control service team will work with you until you are happy. We assure you that our service team will provide you with the best service.

Ant Control Service

Ant control services are crucial for removing ants from offices, restaurants, and homes. Ants are very dangerous little animals. Ant extermination must be done to prevent damage to your property. Ants can invade our homes, dining rooms, and even bathrooms.

You can rely on our max cleaning services company to maintain an ant-free environment. We have been providing ant control services for the last ten years. Our services are the best and unmatched, reflected in the work.

Termite Control Service

A termite is a tiny animal that looks a lot like an ant. They cut paper, plastic, plants, wood, etc. Termites cause a lot of damage to us financially. 

We have the perfect solution to control termites at work. Our professional team can control termites in dry wood, underground, and in various places. Our team can achieve maximum customer satisfaction by controlling termites.

Mosquitoes Control Service

Mosquitoes are small flying insects. They feed on the blood of humans and animals and spread various diseases. This creature flies around animals and makes a disturbing sound. Mosquito bites are itchy and cause severe diseases like malaria and dengue. In Bangladesh, thousands of people are infected with dengue every year due to mosquito bites.

Mosquito control is essential to avoid mosquito infestation and dengue disease. Our mosquito control service team controls mosquitoes by using deep ​​techniques. They are trained and experienced in mosquito control. Our workers control mosquitoes by cleaning your home and surrounding areas such as ponds, canals, dirty trains, etc. Contact us today if you need mosquito control.

Spider Control Service

Our spider control service team can identify spiders present in your home and offer spider control solutions. Our experienced team can remove spiders and webs from around your home. First, we locate and check around your home observing various areas for spider activity such as bushes, eaves, windows, doors, etc.  We also inspect bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages and remove cobwebs and egg sacs.

Our spider control service team sets traps in such a way that spiders cannot return. They will work in such a way that you will be bound to be satisfied with their work. So contact our company today. We will give you the best service so that you can be 100% satisfied with our work.

Wood Borer Control Service

Wood borer is a harmful insect of wood. This insect often destroys wooden furniture in the house. This insect burrows deep into the wood and builds its nest there. As a result, wooden furniture becomes useless.

Our wood borer control services team uses in-depth techniques to get rid of wood borers permanently. Our team first observes all the wood and then starts the work. We serve our clients at any time of the day or night. Avail of our wood pest treatment services today.

MAX Cleaning Manpower Services Company in Bangladesh




Max Messenger Manpower Services Company in Bangladesh


MAX tea boy manpower service provider in Bangladesh






What we offer Manpower Services in Bangladesh

The main objective of Manpower Services Company is to offer you the best labor recruitment for your business. Our company is always ready to provide you with quality support. Whenever you need a manpower service company, you can surely choose us. You can find candidates of your choice in our recruitment package.

Electrician Manpower Supply

All electrical needs require a skilled electrician. It is never possible to meet electrical needs without an electrician. Our experienced team of electrical manpower provides uninterrupted electrical services. Our experienced team takes a deep look at electrical issues and works with the client’s needs in mind. Contact us for your best electrical manpower solution.

We provides electrical contracting services for various types of industrial plants:

  • Gas
  • Power
  • fertilizers
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Cement
  • Steel, and all manufacturing plants, etc.

Office Boy Manpower Supply

Finding trained and experienced office boys in Bangladesh is very difficult. Although we verify all these office boys by background check and provide them with proper training. We train them in such a way that they can perform well in the office.

Qualifications of  Our Office Boy

  • Higher Secondary Pass.
  • Verify background.
  • They are properly experienced and trained.

Responsibilities of our office boy

  • They will be present in the office before the specified time and keep everything organized daily.
  • They will do printing, photocopying, and other work. 
  • Will listen attentively to the orders of the officers of the office and act accordingly.

Contact us quickly if you need an efficient office boy for your office. Our trained office workers will provide quality work as per your requirements. 

Plumber Manpower Supply

Plumber Manpower supply refers to companies that specialize in providing skilled plumbers to meet the staffing needs of other businesses or clients. We provide plumber manpower services as per the needs of our clients. Our plumber manpower services are used in homes, apartments, industries, offices, and other similar places. Our team of trained experts carry out inspections to avoid any mishaps and repair errors.

Gardener Manpower Supply

We supply Gardener Manpower for garden services and horticulture services. Our experienced team plants using quality fertilizer seeds to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Serving the needs of farmhouses, hotels, and commercial complexes, new and old plants with keen attention to preservation. The primary responsibilities of our experienced team include watering, weeding, pruning, etc. Our team specializes in preserving the beauty of the garden by planting seasonal flowers and plants. Contact our company quickly if you need an experienced gardener.

Driver Manpower Supply

Professionally experienced and highly skilled in driving we provide driver manpower services to our customers.

We usually provide drivers on permanent and temporary contracts to homeowners, offices, and even various types of businesses. Our company can quickly deploy drivers to meet needs. We provide drivers especially where fast driver recruitment is required.

Qualifications of our drivers

  1. Minimum 8th class pass.  
  2. Valid licenses were obtained.  
  3. received government training

We provide drivers for all types of vehicles like buses, trucks, Micro, cars, taxis, motorcycles, minibusses, etc.

We provide proper training of drivers and our driver manpower team provides services to clients at affordable rates. So contact us quickly without delay, and we will provide you with experienced driver manpower so you can rest assured.



We Have A Professional Workforce For All Types Of Cleaning Services, Pest Control services, Facility Management services and Manpower Services.


Max Enterprise is offering you high quality, service at a relatively low cost


If you intersted our services then we can free estimattion.

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