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Cleaning Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh


We provide Cleaning service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our employers are skilled. They always try to provide their best. Our servicemen 24/7 ready for a given service of clients. Although cleanliness is our highest desire, we have to live in the dusty air of a dirty city regularly. Sometimes on the weekends, there is a chance to escape the atmosphere of a slight breeze, but the whole week has to be in the middle of the dust. 

Every home furnishings, floors, kitchens, bedrooms, washrooms- where do not accumulate dirt? Daily cleaning time is not available. Although it is not possible for someone to do housework, it is not feasible for them to do so regularly. 

Therefore, even if it is a brand new home, it may be seen that after several months, the dirt stains have accumulated in various places. As the dirt in the home furnishings, the floors, tiles or walls are not released from it! When a guest arrives at a home or attends an event, or suddenly stays in the eye, it seems daunting to think of how to clean it. Don’t worry. We provide the best cleaning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Those of us who are living in Dhaka, the clothes we have on us are staying with us, Rather, it is saving our body a lot from the direct touch of this dirty dust. Of course, as a result of this, the rules have to be washed daily. Modern machines like washing machines are not everywhere, not in the capacity of everyone, neither is there room for all. For that, You have to wash your clothes yourself. 

Is there any solution to get rid of the mess of the house and the garbage of the house? To those who ask such questions in their mind, I say they have a solution.  

You will visit Google, a website called MAX Enterprise When you go to this website, you will see a huge magical door opened. What is not there! There are no problems with your home or office that are not listed on this website. If you think about the problem, see, there is an arrangement with this website. 

Suppose you want to clean your living room furniture, tiles, etc. Enter the website and go to the ‘Cleaning & Pest Control’ section. From there you can order anything from kitchen to home, kitchen, fridge, washroom, sink, door-window, glass, furniture, bedroom, living room – anything you want for cleaning. 

If you need to arrange cleaning for the office, you will get it. Even if you want someone to come and clean your house right now, or to do it at least 3 days a week, there is a system here. Likewise, I was talking about washing clothes. Go straight to the ‘Laundry Home Service’ option on the website. When you get there, you will get laundry service for everyone, as well as the choice of washing cloths or linen. The price is paid for each service, according to which you can easily meet your needs.

That means, all the worries that occupy our leisure time day after day, there is a solution to everything now on  MAX Enterprise

OUR Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Hospital & clinics Cleaning Services
  • Sofa & Carpet shampooing service 
  • Steam cleaning Services
  • General & Deep cleaning
  • After party & Event Cleaning
  • Commercial  Cleaning service
  • Floor polishing 
  • Residential Cleaning 

Hospital & Clinics Cleaning Services

Disease germs originate from dirt and clean the environment. We know when patients take treatment from the hospital then they are healed. But If  hospital dirt and unclean environment, Then the patient will become more sick than healed. As a result patients will not come again to Hospital & Clinics. For that 24/7  Hospital & Clinics should be clean. So we provide Hospital & Clinics Cleaning Services in Dhaka. Our employers are skilled. They always try to provide their best. Our servicemen 24/7 ready for a given service of clients.  If you want your Hospital & Clinics Cleaning Services in Bangladesh, contact us by using our hotline number. We are ready to help you.

Sofa & Carpet shampooing service

Furniture cleaning includes dining table, tea table, side table, sofa, cupboard or Carpet shampooing. At present, both men and women of Dhaka City are working parallel jobs. They do not have time to clean the house for busy.  So we provide Sofa & Carpet shampooing cleaning service in Bangladesh. In this work field we have 12-year experience. Our employers are very honest and skilled. We provide 24/7 service. We are ready to help you. If you want your Sofa & Carpet shampooing service in Bangladesh, contact us by using our hotline number.

General & Deep cleaning Service

Disease organisms originate from dirt and unclean environments! That is why it is important to keep the house clean and clean. However, we do the cleaning in two ways as needed, One is regular cleaning that needs to be done on a daily basis, and one is deep cleaning, which is usually done once a week or once a month. 

General cleaning Service:

Items that are used for regular needs, need to be cleaned regularly. Every day we want to get cleaned up normally and quickly. As a result, furniture gets dirt. Regularly doing floor cleaning is very important. Bedroom, drawing room and balcony floor sweep, wiping with water comes in regular floor cleaning. Since kitchen and other cooking tasks are done every day, dirt is also high every day. So Cleaning the kitchen regularly is very important. The kitchen, sink and sink surroundings, stoves and adjoining areas will remain yellow unless they are cleaned regularly. For that we provide General cleaning Service. 

Deep cleaning Service:

Even though the house is cleaned every day, the house does not look clean! Moreover, deep cleaning is required at the guest house or at any event before. That is why you need to be deep cleaned or cleaned 1 time a week. This requires more time, but you have not extra time for deep cleaning of your home.  For that we provide Deep cleaning Service in Bangladesh. Our cleaner men always try to provide their best service. If you want your General & Deep cleaning Service in Bangladesh, contact us by using our hotline number.

Floor Polishing Service:

At the end of the working day everyone wants to return to the nest of peace. If you have to return to a messy, unclean room, Then fatigue may increase. And if there is insect infestation in the house,Goods are wasted, the risk of various diseases is increased. That should be cleansed in the hands of the skilled. Since people stay there for a long time, they can avoid the eyes and dirt in different places. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly without leaving too long. That’s why we provide Floor Cleaning  Service in Bangladesh. If you want your Floor Polishing Service, contact us by using our hotline number.

Why Choose Our Max Enterprise Cleaning  Services company 

Our Max Enterprise Cleaning  Services company is one of the best cleaning services companies in Bangladesh. Our Cleaning service price is lower than any other Cleaning service company in Bangladesh. .Our employers are skilled. They have been trained before hiring. They always try to provide their best on the work field. When we receive a project from the Client, then we think of this project. Our service 24/7 OPENED.