Flat-5A, House-6, Block-2C, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
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Skilled laborers are the ones who possess a certain skill that they have learned through training or experience and Non-skilled laborers are those who don’t possess any special skills or talents and usually work in a common field that doesn’t require any skills. Here at Max Enterprise, we provide both skill & unskill manpower supply in Bangladesh. We offer manpower according to our client’s requirements and help them in saving time and energy. 

Skill Manpower Supply

We have a group of experienced and qualified staff among us providing a very professional service. Skilled workers can be a valuable asset for any kind of work. Almost every company requires skilled workers. 

All the individual candidates here are given basic training through professionally qualified personnel before joining any dedicated job, where they acquire all the necessary knowledge and are informed about the rules, regulations, and job responsibilities. 

Helping out clients in finding their required skilled workforce in one place and reduce the amount of effort they have to spend is our main goal. 

Non-Skill Manpower Supply

Though non-skilled workers aren’t equipped with any specific skills or talents, they are still very important for all types of work. They are usually involved in digging, moving things, or all the general labor. Almost every project requires a large number of non-skilled workers.     

Max Enterprise has a huge number of non-skilled manpower at its disposal and can deliver any number of workers according to the client’s demands.  

Reduce your workload, increase efficiency, and complete projects in time with the help of our non-skilled manpower. 

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