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Facility management service company in Bangladesh

The facility management service is a highly skilled and technical field. Facility management is a specialized service that helps with planning, designing, maintaining and operating a property. The services offered by a facility management companies are varied and can include cleaning services, pest control, manpower supply, landscape maintenance, security surveillance and catering, etc. If you are looking for the best facility management services in Bangladesh, then you can contact us! What is the importance of facility management Service in BD?…

corporate housekeeping services in Bangladesh

Tips for choosing Corporate housekeeping services in Bangladesh

You might be wondering why you need tips for choosing Corporate housekeeping services in Bangladesh. Why do you even need such services? Imagine you walk into the building of your new potential business partner’s office. They greet you cordially and ask you to wait in a room as they arrange a meeting. They offer you a cup of coffee while you wait. You pick up the cup and bring the cup closer to take a sip of the coffee. At…

7 Advantages of hiring a Manpower Agency in Dhaka BD

Bangladesh is a small country. While not very big in square kilometers, the population of Bangladesh is quite huge. With this huge population, it should be quite easy to hire people for work, and the idea of hiring a Manpower Agency in Dhaka BD should be irrelevant, right? One thing to always keep in mind is the fact that quantity does not always mean quality. If you look for working people, you will find them, sure, but finding the proper…

cleaner service in BD

Home cleaning tips from a professional Cleaner services in bd

We all know that there is a big difference between cleaning the house yourself or hiring a professional cleaning service to do it for you. We recommend hiring a cleaning service at least once a year. But it can be a bit costly to hire one every month. As one of the best Cleaner services in bd, we know a thing or two about professional cleaning. We know it is quite pricey to seek expert help every month. Just because…

Power plant cleaning services at dhaka

Power Plant Cleaning Services at Dhaka

Maintenance of nuclear power plants carries strict criteria. To ensure that they are working at their maximum capacity, the power plants require daily cleaning and maintenance schedules. Regular servicing will help maintain the nuclear power plant operating smoothly and safely, and if it is kept clean and in good order, the infrastructure will require less long-term maintenance and upgrades. That’s why we provide best power plant cleaning services at Dhaka. Maintaining  Power plant Cleaning Services at Dhaka Maintenance power plants…

Epz cleaning services at Dhaka

Effective Epz cleaning service at Dhaka

The purpose for renting a cleaning company for your company is because they’re skilled! These are qualified to ease, clean, and sanitize the office space in the correct way. It is more than mere organizing to get a tidy workplace. Experts know a way to bring the job to the simple environment that is required and that’s why we provide the effective Epz cleaning services at Dhaka to trigger the efficiency of power plants. Good Epz cleaning service at Dhaka…

cleaning company at pabna

Best Cleaning Company at Pabna at Cheap Cost

Max Enterprise is the best cleaning company at Pabna & we provide the most excellent cleaning service in Pabna. We are imagined to form a one stop service solution center for our clients as per all of their needs. Administration itself is exceedingly talented and has energetic and extraordinary domestic cleaning abilities and involvement within the industry. Our staff is our most critical resource and so time, exertion and individual consideration and preparation are a portion of our values for…

Manpower supply company at Rooppur

Manpower supply Agency in BD

Manpower supply company in bd Manpower agencies can also be referred as staffing or recruiting agencies which work as a bridge between the qualified workers and the companies that need its’ service. In a broad sense the main duty of manpower agencies is to provide human capital. The agencies matches skilled and capable workers according to a company’s requirement and provide the specialized one. Most of the manpower supply agencies in Bangladesh provide host of services. Including job placement or…

cleaning company at savar

Cleaning Company at Savar Dhaka

If you are looking for Cleaning company at savar in Bangladesh. You’ve come to the right place.  MAX Enterprise provides Cleaning Service in Bangladesh. We specialized in the Cleaning company in Bangladesh and were presenting these offerings for years. It makes a specialty of disposing of cleaning from your homes and workplaces. You are trying to find a professional who will let you remove cleaning from your private home or administrative center, we’re the person who will let you address…

cleaning service company in bangladesh

Best Cleaning Service and Cleaner Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

We provide all types of cleaning services all over Bangladesh with 12 years of experience. Home Cleaning Services Office Cleaning Services Factory Cleaning Services Floor Cleaning Services Regular Cleaning Services Bathroom Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services Sofa Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Services Cleaning makes people feel better. A tidy, freshly cleaned surrounding may give you a feeling of serenity and harmony. An unclean room can lead to quite the opposite condition of a home full of dust, clutter, and dirt….