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Manpower supply Agency in BD

Manpower supply company at Rooppur

Manpower supply company in bd

Manpower agencies can also be referred as staffing or recruiting agencies which work as a bridge between the qualified workers and the companies that need its’ service. In a broad sense the main duty of manpower agencies is to provide human capital. The agencies matches skilled and capable workers according to a company’s requirement and provide the specialized one. Most of the manpower supply agencies in Bangladesh provide host of services. Including job placement or pairing experienced work force as per company’s need. Which most of the companies find hard to deal with. However, Manpower agency in BD offers staffing to all the companies in the country including the international companies.

What are the benefits of choosing Manpower Supply agency?

Many organizations in Bangladesh haven’t realize the advantage of taking manpower service from the agencies out there and how immensely they can be benefitted in the long run. Manpower planning should be considered as a important aspect. If any company is failing in such planning that mean that company will suffer from under qualified workers as they aren’t getting right worker for the right job. The importance of choosing a manpower supply company won’t be clear unless you know the benefits.

  1. Save a lot of time: The process of hiring staffs either temporarily or permanently may consume lots of a company’s time. Besides there’re many challenges if any company conduct the whole process. So taking help from a reputed manpower supply company in Dhaka may save company’s valuable time.
  2. Safety: It’s not easy to identify the fraud employee out of hundreds of general employees. Manpower supply agencies usually hold in depth information about each of their candidates that can ensure any company’s safety. It mainly minimizes the risks associated with requiting.
  3. More option and development: An adequate manpower agency in BD can provides high volume of work force. If a company drops a job post, it may receive hundreds of CVs. Out of those CVs some don’t even match the job requirements. But manpower agencies can provide employees relevant to the job.
  4. Cost effective: Costs associated with hiring is very high if you need to conduct training program. But manpower Supply Company provide high quality work force which may minimize hiring cost.
  5. Increased productivity: If a company hires right people, the productivity will increase automatically and keeps organizations profit higher.


Manpower Supply Company at Rooppur and cleaning company in Dhaka Bangladesh mainly serve their   respectable customer with guaranty in the field of cleaning company in Dhaka and manpower supply Company in BD, The service is not new anything in Dhaka Bangladesh. In modern time we make the cleaning services more dynamic, promising and praiseworthy. The salient feature of the cleaning services especially need everywhere around the city any corner of the world.

  1. Shopping Mall Cleaning Services
  2. Medical ,Clinic, Hospital, Diagnostic Center, Doctor Chamber
  3. Industrial and Factory clean services.
  4. Occasional ,seasonal and party celebration (Marriage, Birthday, Corporate dine etc)
  5. Deep Clean and Floor clean/sofa/ carpet after clean like mirror looking.
  6. Outsourcing company in Dhaka BD

Rooppur Power Plant 2400 megawatt area has a vital role in manpower supply more than 5000 skilled worker work at  rooppur. The Government of Bangladesh is building its first nuclear power plant in Rooppur on the east side of the river Padma near Ishwardi in the Pabna district of Bangladesh.

The project is being implemented by the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), under the guidance of Science and Technology Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh. The nuclear power plant (NPP) will include two units, Rooppur Unit-1 and Rooppur Unit-2 with a capacity of 1.2GW each.

Foundation stone for the Rooppur NPP was laid in October 2013 and the first concrete for the main construction phase was poured in November 2017. The main construction of Unit-2 began in July 2018, with the pouring of the first concrete.

Rooppur Unit-1 is scheduled to commence operations in 2023, while Rooppur Unit-2 is due to come online in 2024.

The Rooppur nuclear power plant will use cutting-edge technologies and follow the safety guidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA supported the country in the assessment of sites and development of a radioactive waste management system for the nuclear power programme.

The project will provide low-cost electricity and create new jobs in Bangladesh. The power production in Bangladesh currently exceeds 4GW a year. The new plant will increase the country’s power production and enable it to achieve energy independence.


It is really hard to find trustworthy and professional Peon in Bangladesh. While, we manually verify background and train our peons so that he performs best in the office.

If you are searching for a company, which provides Peon Services in Dhaka Bangladesh for office. Then you have come to the right place. Max cleaning service is a famous Peon Services provider in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Max cleaning is possessed in providing Office Peon Service. This is hold by our professionals who have a prosperous experience. Our Office Peon is chosen after taking test educational qualifications, age, and physical fitness.


We give one of the best Cleaning Services in Dhaka than any other. We are promised to the highest standards of Homecare and professional ethics for our company. As well as our clients, for our agency and staff to merit the respect of the organization and our clients.


power plant cleaning services in Dhaka we coverage with grate responsibility of   below mention services :

  •  Turnaround service
  •  Hydro blasting
  •  Tank Cleaning
  •  Air Excavation
  •  Vacuum service
  •  Power plant service
  •  Sewer and time cleaning and inspection services.

Its worthy to know our Hydro blast online support provided in the field of  Slag Tanks, Slag Taps, Boiler Water, Hoppers, Cyclones, Vacuum services, Power Plant cleaning services, sewer cleaning services at Dhaka.


Export Processing Zone is the abbreviation of EPZ considered as one of the leading industrial area of Bangladesh. So why epz cleaning services at Dhaka is mandatory to each industrials air their doorsteps. Clean EPZ Clean service mainly Deep Clean , Ceiling, Couches, Mattresses, pest control service we are providing.


manpower agency in Bangladesh provide staffing solutions to the international companies, civil engineering industry or construction industry, IT industry, medical industry, banking , finance  and others. This type of employment agencies in Bangladesh help the talent manpower match the job vacancies. With an intense competition in the market, it’s really tough to find a proper job.

Here, Manpower agency in Dhaka will go through your online resume and reach you when necessary. On the other hand most of the companies in Bangladesh look for talented workers that fit their job requirements. Collecting CVs and taking interviews individually are quite time consuming if any company needs urgent recruitment. But manpower agency in Bangladesh has in-depth knowledge of every field. Besides they have qualified employee list and every essential detail of each worker. In a broad sense, manpower agencies are really helpful for the people looking for suitable jobs for them and also for the companies searching for talented workers.

Things to consider while choosing manpower supply company in BD

 If you’re an owner of an organization and thinking of working with a manpower supply agency in Bangladesh, you have to maintain precaution to choose the best one. You can consider us as one of the best manpower supply company in Dhaka. So there’re things you should find in a manpower supply agency.

  • At first, you have to know if the company you want to work with has the expertise to supply workforce.
  • You need to have a clear idea about their sourcing, screening and selection procedure.
  • They should have expertise in hiring the right people for the position you required.
  • You need to gather knowledge about the size of the talent pool and if they have enough manpower to match your position.

Manpower can be considered as the shield of a nation. It can enhance the profitability of a company. All the businesses out there want acquire a competitive advantage over its competitor. On the way of accomplishing such goal, they can hire a manpower supply company in Dhaka. There’re many manpower supply company in Bangladesh through which a company can get the best and most talented staffs to grow its business. Max enterprise can provide skilled manpower for your company. We have a team which is highly characterized as per professionals’ skill. Our agency can supply manpower
according to your demands and requirements. We ensure highest satisfaction by maintaining the quality of manpower. Your company may also get cheap labors from Max Enterprise. We can ensure you the we’re the best manpower supply company in BD.

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