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Floor Polishing service in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a Floor Polishing service company in Bangladesh. You’ve come to the right place.  MAX Enterprise provides Floor Polishing service in Bangladesh. We specialized in the Floor Polishing service and were presenting these offerings for years. It makes a specialty of disposing of Floor Polishing from your Business and workplaces.

You are trying to find a professional who will let you remove Business or workplaces polishing from your private home or administrative center, we’re the person who will let you address the problem.

Max has been operating at BD for over 10 years and has constructed tested systems with proprietary software and strategies to provide superior concrete cleaning and polishing services.

Consider these facts when using multiple floor care companies at your locations.
  • Each business enterprise makes use of their own renovation packages that may or may not be handiest for your place. As a result, it could have an effect on the charge you pay.
  • Each enterprise uses extraordinary merchandise on your floor and the greater products they use, the higher your charge might be. Additionally, distinct merchandise and techniques affect how the ground looks. A few may have an excessive-gloss look, others may be designed to give a matte end.
  • A few groups use diamond pads on every occasion you place a system for your ground, others use a sealer gadget. One wears layers of concrete with each pass, the alternative can create end layers on the floor.
  • While you use a couple of ground preservation businesses to attend to your flooring, you may pay more than one invoice and managing unique people will grow your expenses.
Choose the commercial concrete floor polishing company that leads the nation – here’s why:

Cleansing services institution (Max) operates nationally, focusing on concrete ground sharpening services. Like maximum floor care initiatives, it takes multiple steps to make your flooring appearance their first-class! We begin via comparing the circumstance of each ground. This process involves the usage of gadgets to measure the density and moisture stage of the concrete that could help decide which floor care program we are able to use.

  • In most instances of concrete floor polishing, the floor ought to be prep earlier than starting the grinding and polishing system. The existing finish needs to be stripped away to do away with the old end. We do that with a stripping chemical that is carried out, removed and cleaned, inclusive of all our professional-grade devices and materials.
  • The second step is grinding. Without this step, the sealant that makes you appear easy and vivid at the concrete surface will no longer adhere properly. For grinding, we use a proprietary, nanoparticle liquid corrosive that provides most surface area coverage whilst crushing your flooring with our Lavina Propane Grinder.

This huge, wireless grinder exceeds the most MAX for massive commercial concrete floor grinding and sharpening initiatives! Because the liquid enters the perforated concrete, the grinding tools scatter excess put on and stains and open these small concrete holes to comply with the new seal.

  • The sealant-infused cleaning and varnishing maintenance pads we use take polished concrete to the subsequent degree! While we work, these pads constantly fill the perforated concrete, leaving the sealant in all of the small holes and cracks within the concrete for optimum adhesion. It affords superb safety and a deep gloss without the want for additional floor finishes that other concrete cleansing companies can use.

Once your concrete flooring is polished and sealed, your flooring can be protected from any future stains, holes or marks. we will help you create a protection manner to make your new polished concrete appearance as properly as viable.

Floor Polishing Services in Bangladesh
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